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The Majectic 2004 MCI J4500 for saleMCI Buses are the most abundant kind of bus out on the roads. Out of the main different types of buses (school, transit, charter, tour, etc), school buses are very prevalent, and there are very few MCI school buses out on the roads. What does this mean? There are so many MCI bus models out there that even with barely an MCI school bus to be found they still dominate the market. Why? Because they are awesome. What do I mean? Used MCI buses for sale are amongst the best quality for their price, they get the job done well, and they manufacture like crazy! They have one of the largest staffs of any bus company. That’s not to say that they are cheap either. There are inexpensive models, and then there are very high quality models that cost a pretty penny too. So MCI busses basically cover the whole spread of buses, with the exception of schools.

MCI Bus for Sale Reviews

I didn’t even realize how many MCI Buses we have reviewed. It took a while to get this list together! I hope somebody reads something here! Feel free to comment too, and suggest improvements on them. If I’m sitting here for half an hour trying to type all these links out, I would love for someone to read them and offer up some input!

I Hope you find some useful information here, and I hope you offer up some contributions in the form of comments that help us to better our reviews, because it was a painstaking process getting all of these links up here!

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