Prevost Bus Classifieds

A beautiful 1995 Prevost H3-45 for salePrevost buses remind me of Van Hool buses in a lot of ways. They are known for being high quality buses. They are also known for being on the larger end, focusing in mid size and full size coaches. While Van Hool is a Belgian Company, Prevost is company based out of Quebec. As far as companies in the bus industry are concerned, they are a respectable sized company at about 1000 employees. If you are interested in a quality midibus or full size bus, Prevost is a good bus company to look for! They also have some very, VERY high class conversions. I don’t know why but there is a trend for Prevost Bus Conversions where they take the Prevost shell and convert it to a motorhome. They come out really nice too. Like, Wanderlodge Quality.

Prevost Bus Classified Ad Reviews

Below are some Prevost Buses that we have looked at and reviewed. This way you can learn a little bit more about some specific Prevost Bus Models to get an idea of what kind of value you can expect out of a Prevost Bus.

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