Van Hool Bus Classifieds

A quality 1999 Van Hool T945 for saleVan Hool Buses are known for being high quality performance machines. The Van Hool company has always been a respectable company in terms of its productivity and the quality of its buses. Currently, they put out about 1400 buses a year and staff 4000 people. They have been in business for 60 years, so they know what they are doing, and they make buses from as short as 29 feet and as longs as 82 for one of their double articulated Van Hool Buses.

They are a Belgian manufacturer and most of the time if you are interested in a high quality passenger bus for transit, charter, or tour purposes than VanHool is an excellent company to look at. Most Van Hool buses tend to be mid and full size coaches, however, so if you you want a minibus you may want to look elsewhere simply because you’ll have more luck finding a mini bus (with Ford for example).

Van Hool Bus Classified Ad Reviews

Getting a Van Hool Bus is more than likely going to cost a pretty penny, so it is good to get an idea of what kind of value you can expect out of Van Hool Buses. Below are some reviews that we have made of some various Van Hool Bus classifieds to help you gauge the value.

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