Sea Fox Boat Classifieds

image of a standard 2006 Sea Fox 210CC Boat for saleSea Fox Boats are known to be reliable and relatively low cost. They are durable and can take a beating without falling to pieces. This is definitely a good purchase to pursue if you are new to the boating world and just want to test the waters, literally. Their boats range from 16 to 28 feet long which makes them relatively small in the boating world. Again, a good reason to go with a Sea Fox if you are wet behind the ears in boating (or maybe more appropriately, dry behind the ears). The main types of boats they make are classified as deck boats and fishing boats. Typically hulls are comprised of fiberglass. A Sea Fox Boat may be categorized as a center or dual console, bay fisher, flat boat, or walk around. They make boats for both freshwater and saltwater voyages.

Essentially a family owned business, Sea Fox boats are really quite admirable in the boating world, as their popularity is considerable. They sell throughout the United States and even have several international dealers.

Sea Fox Boat Models

This is the current line up of Sea Fox Boats

    Center Console

  • 160 CC
  • 172 CC
  • 187 CC
  • 197 CC
  • 206 CC
  • 216 CC
  • 226 CC
  • 236 CC
  • 256 CC
  • 286 CC
    Walk Around

  • 216 WA
  • 236 WA
  • 256 WA
    Bay Foxes

  • 200 XT
  • 220 XT
  • 240 XT
    Dual Console

  • 216 DC
  • 236 DC

Our SeaFox Boat Reviews

Thus far, we have reviewed a couple models of used Sea Fox boats, including:

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