Lincoln Limo Town Cars

Image of a nice looking 2003 Lincoln Town CarLincoln Limos are the back bone of the Limo industry. Though there are many brands of Limousines, and some models nicer than others, there is no doubt that most times when you see a Limo, it is going to be a Lincoln Limo. The company has an interesting history. They were ultimately found in 1917, with their work being the production of aircraft engines for World War I. After the war was over, they converted to luxury vehicles. Of all things to switch to, going from military to luxury production is not something you would normally expect!

They have produced many different types of luxury vehicles, but they have certainly spent a lot of time producing limousines. Other luxury vehicles include the Continental, the Zephyr, and the Navigator. The Continental was a nice convertible, the zephyr was a sport coupe, and the Navigator was a luxury SUV. There are several different models that qualify as Limos, but the Town Car is their pre-eminent Limo series.

Lincoln Town Car Reviews

We have reviewed several different years and model variations of the Lincoln Town Car Limousine, including a 2006 Lincoln Town Car 180, a 1998 Lincoln Stretch, a 2004 Lincoln Town Car, a 2003 Tiffany Lincoln Limo, a 2003 Lincoln Town Car 6 Pack Stretch, a 2004 Lincoln Town Car Super Stretch, a 2001 Lincoln Executive L for sale review, and a 1995 Lincoln Limo.

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