Used Indian Motorcycles for Sale

A beautiful blue 2001 Indian Spirit Motorcycle for saleIndian Motorcycles are one of the oldest manufacturers of vehicles that is still around and kickin to this day. They have been in business since 1901! They produced America’s first motorcycle, and also the best selling bike in the world. They also introduced the first V-Twin in 1907, which made them technology more advanced than any motorcycle manufacturer. Today, you don’t hear too much about Indian Motorcycles in the ‘non bikers’ world. By that I mean any regular Joe (such as myself) has heard of Harley, Yamaha, Suzuki, and maybe even Boss Hoss. But an Indian Motorcycle is something you may not have heard of. They are the grandfather of the motorcycle industry in America though, and they deserve their proper credit!

Indian Motorcycles

There are Indian Motorcycle Dealers spread throughout the U.S. and even in Canada. They can be found in southern California, Florida, the mid west, Nevada, a few on the east coast, and the bulk of them concentrated all across the entire eastern border between U.S. and Canada.

    Current Indian Motorcycle Models

  • Chief Classic
  • Chief Standard
  • Chief Dark Horse
  • Chief Deluxe
  • Chief Bomber
  • Chief Blackhawk
  • Chief Roadmaster
  • Chief Vintage
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