Now in Stumble!

Image of Stumble Upon LogoAutoclassifiedshopper is now “stumble-able” in stumbleupon, so if you are a fan of the website, navigate to it and click “I like it” with your stumble toolbar!

If you are unfamiliar with stumble, it is a wonderful website that is just perfect for randomly browsing the web. I myself have discovered some interesting websites while stumbling, like Pandora, which is an awesome customizable radiostation online. If you have firefox, you can easily add stumble by going to:
Tools -> Addons -> Get Addons -> Search “stumble”. Download and install the add-on, and restart firefox. You’ll see on the toolbar a ‘stumble’ button. You will then be taken to customize your stumble preferences, and any time you click the button it will take to you a random website catered to your interests.

It’s great if you feel like browsing the web but don’t have a particular website in mind. You can discover new web sites this way without having to think too hard about what to look for.

So again, if you like our website, get yourself a stumble if you don’t already have it (which is a benefit to you too), and ‘like’ our website!

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