Honda Waverunners

Image of a beautiful red and white 2006 Honda Aquatrax F12 for saleWhen it comes to Honda Wave Runners, you don’t often think of Honda when you think Wave Runner, but Honda is an automobile company that has covered many different types of automobiles, and in fact have some fairly popular wave runner models. The Honda Aquatrax is a particularly popular wave runner that they have produced. So if you are interested in a PWC (personal water craft), and you haven’t checked out any Hondas, you should definitely look around because you would be surprised at what you might find!

As a company, they have their hands in everything: cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, lawn equipment (like lawn mowers, trimmers, and tillers), motorcycles, and scooters, to name a few. They even do jets! They are also associated with Acura, and produce cars and SUVs through them as well. They also produce non-automobile machines (in addition to automobile related machines) like engines, outboard motors, snow blowers, generators, and MCHPs. An MCHP is a device that takes one fuel source and simultaneously produces heat and power, which is an effective energy saving technique.

Honda Wave Runner Models

Back to the point though, we are talking here about Honda Wave Runners. One of their newest models is the 2009 Honda Aquatrax F-15 and the F-15X, but there other models in their history. We have reviewed a 2006 Honda Aquatrax F12, a 2005 Honda Aquatrax, and a 2004 Honda Waverunner R12 turbo at Check them out!

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