5 Boat Classified Ad Reviews

Image of a 2001 Sea Ray Sundancer for saleRecently, we reviewed several more boat classified ads to add to our collection. There was a 1997 Bayliner 2350 for sale, which has an interior that is in pretty good condition for being a decade old. It only has a few stains. It has a fiber glass body so watch out for crashes! We also reviewed a 1967 Chris Craft Cavalier Boat Classified, which was also in good shape consider its age, and has a nice ‘homey’ living area in the galley. There’s the 2001 Sear Ray Sundancer classified ad, which was decked out with fish finding gear and makes an excellent fishing vessel. The 1997 WellCraft Martinique was nothing special, but does have a nice exterior. Finally there was the 1989 Cobalt Condure Ad, which has a nice kitchenette and some updated modern features like an ipod docking station. All in all, these boats are moderate quality boats. Nothing huge, nothing super fancy, nothing to write home about to be sure. But every boat has a purpose you know. If we only ever reviewed the biggest and brightest, we would never review any affordable boats! So if you looking for a decent boat that would require a relatively small investment, you might want to take a look at some that fit this kind of bill!

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