Marmon, GMC, Prevost, Silver Eagle Motor home classifieds

We added more motor home classifed reviews, including one in particular that caught my attention. There were 3 eagle motorhomes (two of which were the famous silver eagle variety), a GMC, 2 Prevost, and a Marmon. The Marmon Motorhome caught my attention because I never heard of it before. It is also from 1941 so its quite the antique. And it is actually a pretty comfy little RV. We also found a 1967 Silver Eagle Motor home, a 1987 Silver Eagle, and a 1983 Eagle Entertainer RV. The 1987 model really stands out. The furniture has sort of an 80′s look to it, all pink and purple. Trippy! The GMC buffalo motorhome is big big big! It is also kind of boring though, with furniture lining the sides of the coach from front to back. It would be nice for a party but not so much for a living area. The 1984 Prevost Motorhome classified is more of a shell that is prepped and ready to go for an RV conversion. The nicest one by far is the one I saved for last. The 1998 Prevost Country Coach Motorhome is nothing but classy. Basic bright white colors (not boring), full of light, brass trim all around, and nice furniture to boot!

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