Mako boats

Image of stern profile of 2002 Mako 313 Express for saleMako boats have been being manufactured for more than four decades. They are known for being rugged and ideal for fishers of small operations. They are so durable that some of the most original Mako boats are still in use today. Though Mako has been extremely successful, they have yet to sit on their haunches and take it easy, so to speak. They are still fanatically dedicated to their work and are always acting as if they are not on top, even though they are. This is always a good aspect of a quality business model, so you can expect new mako boat models to be just as good, infact better than their predecessors!

We have reviewed a couple different models of mako boats and will continue to review more, here are some of the models we have reviewed thus far. You can find information on a 2008 Mako 264 Express (this one was a brand new review!), a 1990 Make 260 (an oldie but a goodie), and a 2002 Mako 313.

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