Polaris Waverunners

image of 2002 Polaris Virage waverunner for sale Polaris Waverunners are a popular make of wave runners. They manufacture many other kinds of small vehicles like atvs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, golf carts, and four wheelers. But they definitely make some popular watercrafts, particularly the octane.

As a company, they have been around since 1954, and one of the first vehicles they built was a snowmobile. It was for utility purposes for employees to get to remote hunting shacks. They had some issues in the 60′s, with some snowmobile testers almost dying. To add insult to injury, the model they were test was extremely promising during testing, but flopped post production. But they bounced back. In the 80′s they expanded to ATV’s, and in the 90′s they hit the scene with watercrafts. 1991 marked the induction of their first pwc model, the SL650. They were extremely successful with their pwc models and several models were born from this success.

We have reviewed several pwcs of varying years and models by this company, and will continue to review more. Thus far, we have reviewed a 2004 Polaris MSX, a 1999 Polaris Waverunner, a 2001 Polaris SLX, a 2002 Polaris Virage, a 1995 Polaris SL750, a Polaris Octane, and a Polaris Virage 800.

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