6 MCI Motor Homes

Yesterday, we added 6 MCI Motor home reviews to autoclassifiedshopper.com. There was a 1977 MCI MC8 motor home coach, a 1984 MCI Coach motor home, a 1966 MCI A5 RV, a 1986 MCI Executive RV, a 1984 MCI executive motorhome, and a 1977 MCI MC-8 motorhome motor coach. Other vehicles were added as well, but these were all the MCI ones we did. A lot of oldies but goodies here. There are Several pictures for each! The 1966 has a particularly nice kitchen. The 1984 is just chock full of appliances! The other 1984 MCI is basically just a shell that is ready to be built into a nice mobilehome. The other three are simply your standard cozy coaches. This is a nice group of MCI’s that would all fetch a reasonable price. Nothing super expensive or super fancy here. All in all they are in decent condition and would provide excellent value to any interested buyers.

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