Minnie Winnies

image of interior of a 1996 Minnie Winnie for saleWe said we were going to review more minnie winnies, and we weren’t kidding! We have reviewed a 2003 Minnie Winnie already, here is a 1996 minnie winnie that we reviewed today. This one is in great shape! It is a decade and a half old and it is still lookin good! Obviously the price tag is much lower on an older model too, so if you find one like this you can expect a pretty good deal!

Minnie Winnies for sale

I have been looking at a lot of motorhomes recently… Prevosts, Bluebirds, Eagles… You know they are quite nice and it would be great to own one. But those can cost as much as a house! Something like this doesn’t cost much more than a car and if you are inside one I think you will find you can achieve the same feelings of peace and tranquility here as you could in other, far more expensive options. Granted, there isn’t as much room, since this is a class C motorhome, but depending on how many people you want to take with you, that may not matter. Anyway, this 1996 minnie winnie we reviewed sleeps 7, and that isn’t bad!

Other Minnie Winnie Models

Since the minnie winnie is so popular, we have reviewed other models, and will continue to do so. You can check out a review of several 1985 Minnie Winnie Models here. In a previous post we reviewed a 2003 minnie winnie as well. The 1976 minnie winnie is another popular year that we reviewed.

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